71 Days

What I did during my summer vacation…

Day 15 – 25 minutes until I’m a red-head

So, that might have gotten your attention. I might be having a mini-breakdown. That’s what I have time for, so by God, I think I’ll have one. For me that involves painting my toenails (and buying new polish) and coloring my hair.  A good friend of mine who’s hair looks great all of the time told me what color she colors her hair, and that she colors it herself, and it’s been on my mind since 2 weeks ago when she told me. So after an okay day with a few ups and downs, I thought, I’m going to go buy some Loreal 9 1/2 A (now you know who you are friend) and color my hair. Well, I went to 2 stores and neither had Loreal 9 1/2 a. It only dawned on my now that maybe she made this 9 1/2 A up so no one would copy her. So I bought some other number who’s hair model looked particularly happy.

I also ate Kentucky Fried Chicken for supper. We had nothing sweet in the house for dessert so I had a bowl of trix for dessert and then I colored my hair. But I digress . . . a lot.

Buck would not make eye contact as I wait for this crap to melt away my true color (what is that anyway) and make me into a redhead.

By the way, we’re going to Clemson tomorrow. If you’re a robber, there is absolutely nothing of value in our home except for a great dane with a pretty expensive nose tumor. Back to the Clemson trip and my hair color. I thought orange hair might show some support for Jake – and I’m not taking the Carolina tag off my car.

Before my hair coloring fiesta, I did watch a great movie — Stranger than Fiction. Found it in my bushel basket of papers that I neglect during the school year. I should really open those netflix envelopes occasionally. It was really hilarious, made me cry, had great people in it including Will Ferrell as an unlikely IRS auditor.

After blogging yesterday, I felt like I could not think of a thing to write today, so like any good writer, I read over what I’d already done so I could repeat, etc., and found that I had mis-spelled the word doubt – I left out the b, so I’d like to apologize to my English major and other grammar Nazis who might be reading; that was really dum. HAA

Okay, 2 minutes and 40 seconds left. I totally think I’m adding a timer to my writing process.

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Post coloring update:

After rinsing and drying, the color was slightly shocking – possibly the color of my heading, and I think my scalp has an orange-ish hue, but I’m adjusting. I did have to re-color a baseball sized spot on the top of my head. Actually, Jeff is an excellent colorist and re-dyed me since I couldn’t see – hence I missed the first time.

On another note, after reading my 25-minute writing, I edited for grammar, repetition and a little stream-of-consciousness crazy tone. Hope it’s slightly better. Tonight’s observation: KFC and Trix cereal might make me hyper (might also make my writing have that crazy tone). I’m having a glass of wine now. Good night friends.


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One thought on “Day 15 – 25 minutes until I’m a red-head

  1. tock42 on said:

    You look fantastic as a red head. Love ya Babe.


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