71 Days

What I did during my summer vacation…

Day 49 – Mommy Para Dig Em (paradigm)

I’ve been a little lax a lately in my blog writing, but I’ve been doing more thinking, which a good writer would always do before she wrote – but why change a good thing. One cause for my considerable thought is a conversation I had with a friend as we’re preparing to send our daughters to camp. We were both commiserating about the cost of camp, and how we wished we could go to camp – heavy sigh – don’t we all! And we began talking about what  we would do without our kids. There would be more free time and uncommitted money without a doubt. But I thought being kidless would be a good thing to write about. Since Katie is at Camp Gravatt, I’ve put my chauffeur cap up and have more time for writing.

And that is really where my thinking stopped. My brain cannot wrap itself around the idea of not having children. It’s like imagining what I would do with my day if gravity ceased to exist or my freckles disappeared.  It is inconceivable to consider.  So I decided that really wasn’t a bad thing. I don’t think it’s a lack of imagination as much as a lack of desire. Why do I need to consider my life without children? They’re both an age that I don’t need to think/do/be with them every minute of the day, so I can have a life other than being mommy, but my mommy life is always an overlay on whatever else I do.  Educatorese would call that a paradigm (pronounced pair-o-dime not para dig em like I originally thought when I read this in my educator handbooks – just hoping to spare you some potential embarrassment. )

I digress with my paradigm pronunciation lesson . The point is I do have a week of Katie-free time, so I started off today with a cleaning frenzy – the downstairs anyway. As long as we don’t eat, wear clothes or go to the bathroom, my house will stay clean! Yippee. I’m starting off the not eating thing by going out tonight with some dear friends who taught with me at McClellanville Middle.  Glad J.B. still likes my southern pronunciations!

School planning is starting to enter my thinking as well. The idea that I’ll need to get up again at the ungodly hour of 6:30, plan lessons, teach, organize and get my library going is not exactly welcome, but I’m working my way around to that. One reason I’m not bursting with excitement is one of my favorite teacher friends is going to another school next year. Most mornings, I began my day with Jamie passing through my library saying, “good morning Beautiful.”  You can’t start your morning much better than that – but sometimes she’d even bring me special treats like country ham biscuits from Sewee Outpost.  I’m glad she’s moving on to what I think will be greener pastures, but I’ll miss her and her two great kids who came to storytime every week from Rising Star day care center next door.

With my Katie-free week I’m planning some great adventures like riding the CARTA link bus from McClellanville to Mount Pleasant and visiting our newest art/gift store. I previewed it this week and it’s fabulous! Check out my blog later this week to read about these adventures.


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