71 Days

What I did during my summer vacation…

Day 50 – No more horn at our house

Katie after she serenaded Jeff with happy birthday to you on Jeff’s Birthday cruise two years ago.

After two years serving our time as Cario’s band parents, Katie decided she wanted to do chorus and quit band.  I’ll miss her practice sessions (a tiny little bit), and band concerts (bleacher butt rocks). Okay, who am I kidding? I did a little happy dance in Music and More when I received the receipt and knew I could spend that $40 a month on something more useful, like exotic underwear and candy — Jake actually wrote that in one of his thank you notes to a friend who appreciates his sense of humor, so I thought I’d share/copy for myself! But really, every little bit helps!

I was thinking on my way home about our family’s record with musical instruments and I have to say my apples haven’t fallen far from the tree. My mother made my brother and I take piano lessons when my grandmother bought us a piano. I endured it for the required year and quit as soon as mom said I could. Katie took viola lessons ($38 a month rental for a year, thank you very much), then trumpet. Jake also took several months of bagpipe lessons. Luckily, with a bagpipe, you buy a $100 recorder looking thingy, and then can rent a bagpipe once you have learned some tunes on the recorder thingy. In his defense, he was taking lessons from a Citadel cadet who seemed to take Jake’s lack of progress as a personal attack. For a ginger, he was a bit grumpy, and the Citadel is on my way nowhere – so I danced a little jig when that was over too.

Jeff, on the other hand, took guitar lessons in seventh grade and can still play it rather well. He hasn’t taught the kids, but we have 3 guitars and high hopes. We just need a blizzard with no power and we might just form a guitar trio or quatro? of Livingston/Masseys.

So my children have not learned to play a musical instrument, but as I like to do, I’m spinning this in a positive way. They don’t mind a bit starting something new. And I kind of like that. Katie can play the trumpet; it was fun, but chorus was more fun, so that’s what she wants to do. Jake wanted to try the bagpipe and he did. It was more difficult and less enjoyable than he thought it was going to be so he quit. I don’t think quitting is always a negative. I remember a particular talent-less dance teacher in Georgetown when Katie was four-years-old. After the first two dance lessons, Katie didn’t want to go. I bribed her with ice cream for a couple of lessons, but then decided that it wasn’t worth tears to make a four-year-old go to dance. I spoke to the teacher and said Katie wasn’t going to take dance anymore. The teacher proceeded to lecture me on why it was important for her not to quit and if I let her quit, she’d quit everything. I was a little taken aback, shamefaced in my acceptance of Katie’s quitting without putting up a fight. But as I usually do, after it was over, I thought about why it was okay to quit. I also thought that maybe Ms. Dance with Big Butt wanted her $15 a week. But that’s another story. There are some things in our family that are optional and some that are not. Tap dancing is definitely not required to be happy or successful so it’s optional. Tooth brushing, going to school, being nice and helping around the house are required. I’m just glad we continue to try new things and see what happens.



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One thought on “Day 50 – No more horn at our house

  1. tock42 on said:

    I love this post. Home run all the way.


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