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Day 71 – Our summer is over…

..and it’s sad to see it end. My list of things I’d like to do this summer is still pretty long. As I rode my bike this morning, enjoying seeing 12 different species of birds, dropping in for coffee with a friend and just enjoying being outside in the sun and the bugs, I realized that the world will not disappear when I start working tomorrow. I can still come home and ride my bike after school. I’ll have holidays and my life will go on with more work and less time, but that’s life!

On the super positive side, 71days has had 1937 views over the course of the summer. I’ve posted 57 – now 58 – days out of the 71 – which seems like a not bad average – at least a passing grade for participation. I also didn’t want to post junki on the days when I watched HGTV, ate ham sandwiches or generally lumped out on the sofa.

So what next? Many friends have made encouraging comments and I’ve decided to start another blog more focussed on my job as a teacher librarian. So I hope you’ll check out MissLibeary.wordpress.com. We might resurrect 71 days again next summer which sounds like fun too. What I’ve learned from blogging is that it has amped up my awareness for what I’m doing, and how that jives with what I want to be doing and should be doing. Whatever you write down becomes truer and more important somehow, if only because you can actually recall it a little more readily. While I’m sure it would be very important to document the life of the Pope, Mother Theresa, or maybe even Rick James, but why document my life? Am I just putting on my big TaaaDaaa suit like I did when I was six and waiting for everyone to say good job and put my blog printout on refrigerators all over the world! Yes a little bit. Because sometimes its nice to have outside validation of what you’re doing. I especially look forward to hearing your opinions in my professional arena! So Goodbye 71days and hello MissLibeary!

Happy Reading.


Day 70 – WOW school is almost here

I see the light ahead and it’s a school bus bearing down on me! But my creative side had some fun today working on my wild book display including Max in his boat (on foam core) to give a better 3-D effect. I’m working on a paper lantern very hungry caterpillar coming soon.
And still working on post-71 day blog. Will have lots of info tomorrow, the last day of my summer.

Day 69 : Relaxing and prep for school

Great relaxing day with two bike rides, dinner with the family, and organizing five years of Battle of the Books paperwork to prepare for SJSE Battles this year. We had a great time battling at McClellanville Middle (page 18) and I’d like to have the same kind of excitement going on this year. Two days left : ) wow.

Day 68 – BBQ in Hemingway

Had a great time with friends on an impromptu road trip to Scott’s BBQ in the suburbs of Hemingway. Delicious and cheap and Jeff got to meet Rodney, Andrew Zimmern’s other best friend from Jeff’s Travel Channel fame of earlier this year. They shared their Andrew stories while we all ate some great pork BBQ. The sauce had a nice kick without being too hot and the ambience included a squirrel-cage fan outside and the Meatopia trophy for BBQ excellence inside. Yumm with good friends!



Day 66 – Ladies of the Club

We finished the Happiness Project with mixed reviews, but lots of great discussion, and my favorite — disagreement.

A great way to end summer vacations with some super friends. I am truly blessed, but we missed Bonnie.


Carol mixing essential oils into some of Jamie’s sugar scrub creating her own customized scrub. Labelle products are now being sold at The Cottage o

Day 65 – Easing into Work..

and had the kids to help me today at my school. Jake’s six-foot self was a huge help taking down posters that require me to repeatedly climb up and down a ladder, chair or stack of books (never).  Katie helped do some cataloging fixes and the best part of the day was the decision to theme the decor for the year on Where the Wild Things Are. I’m getting really excited about the theme; it’s a tribute to Jake’s newly-inked arm, and Maurice Sendak’s recent death…so my library will be Where the Wild Books Are!

I can feel the excitement building for the beginning of the school year, and am googling and pinteresting like crazy (and apparently creating new verbs) to find ideas. Let the Wild Rumpus Start!


Day 64 – Freeing House of Clutter

Being a teacher-librarian shares certain qualities with pregnancy. With due date (or school return) pending, the need to clean out the closets, make the laundry room more spa-ish and clear the clutter that envelopes my home becomes increasingly more urgent. My home nest needs to be in order so I can go to my other nest and take care of my students there.

Now, I don’t think I’ll be on Horders any time soon, but I do have a little clutter issue, and I believe everyone else in my family suffers from the same ailment. With the beginning of school pending, I feel the urge to HGTVify my home just a little, and in the last 7 days, I’m turning up the volume.

My recent cleaning-fest has been helped with the purchase of a new to me Electroluxx vacuum cleaner from the Myrtle Beach GoodWill  for….drumroll please…. $5.95! The vacuum is exactly like the one my mom had in the early 1980s that I believe she made payments on – so I’m thinking I got a better deal. I’m looking forward to dragging my golden a la 1980s canister around the house (or better yet, watching Jeff or the kids do it).

Tomorrow, I’m actually going to school with Jake and Katie helping and hoping to start making the SJSE nest ready for my 240 little chicks that are due August 22nd! I am fortunate to have two wonderful nests, helpers and no contractions! The best nests come without diapers I think.

I’m also working on the design for my next blog with book reviews for children’s books and more teacher-librarian tidbits. Thanks to those of you who liked this idea, and encouraged me to continue writing & blogging.

Day 62: Rainy & Sore & thinking about the end of 71days!

so chose to go to a movie, hang out at home and have dear friends over for dinner. Our careers as intrepid sailors might be in jeopardy, but we had a lovely day, and they boat is still in the creek ready for next weekend or even an evening cruise this week.

Nine days left in my summer and I’m wondering what I’ll do when summer break is over. I’m considering writing a children’s book blog with daily reviews of picture and children’s books. I read a LOT of children’s books during the school year, so this would be a way to document, recommend, and review books. Since I try to teach my students how to write book reviews, it would be great if I improved my writing in this area also. So I’d love to hear if you’d be interested in reading about my year of read alouds and recommendations to my students. Please let me know!

Day 61: Two miles in four hours


Beginning our trip, gassed up, water tanks filled, Katie on her ipod – life was good.

So our sailing adventure is off to a slow start. Mechanical difficulties, shredded alternator belt and imploding fuel filter lead us to dock urgently on Jeremy creek as our engine stopped abruptly. Sooooo three hours, phone calls to mechanic friends, ham sandwiches, and a gallon of sweat later and we did an 8 1/2 point turn and headed back to our dock. Jeff fixed the problem which was really 3 problems that converged at once so yaaaay Jeff. Katie was an emergency docking princess leaping from the motorless White Wing onto a dock so we could tie up and avoid crashing, running aground or general Massey tragedy-fest.
We got back to the dock and even went swimming in the creek. It was horribly hot and I am praying the chloro-fecal bacteria took today off. I’ve lived here for 14 years and never swam in the creek for fear of poopy diseases, but was too hot to care today, and we appear to have all survived.
I am grateful for my uber-mechanical husband and adventurous daughter but mostly for whoever was looking over us today, keeping us safe and having a good time through our little road block.
Hope to try again tomorrow. Look for us between here and Georgetown.


End of the day jump in the creek.

Day 60 – Sail Prep!

And as any preparation goes (hurricane, sailing trip, picnic) there is a lot of food preparation. Today, Katie and I made 2 batches of brownies (sustenance people), a dozen muffins, a breakfast casserole and finally steak subs for supper. So we are partially prepared for a sailing trip tomorrow. We won’t starve, but running aground is a definite possibility.

Since our near-knockdown two years ago, I’ve been a sailing wimp. I hyperventilate when we get to over 15 degrees and that is pretty lame. So, I’m working on improving my sailing abilities by getting my crap in a bag. Bucking up. Eating a brownie and drinking an adult beverage when we start to slightly list will help!

So, we’ve got our Dollar General supplies packed, linens, towels, adult beverages and we’re ready for a great sail tomorrow. So, if you happen to be in Georgetown tomorrow, we’ll be docked behind the Big Tuna! Please stop by and see us on White Wing! Adventures : )

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