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Day 21: We Are Lumberjacks

Yesterday and today we began clearing some trees so we’ll have a better camper spot and more driveway for our fleet of cars and trucks (plus a golf cart).
Reminded me of Ray Stephens song (thanks to Jeff for helping me remember singer).
I learned how to use the chainsaw and that is FUN. What an engine of destruction you can be with this super power tool. I now also have a pile of small limbless trees I’m hoping to make into a killer teepee. I know; I know — my kids might be a bit old for a teepee, but I’m not to old yet! A makers gotta make. And Yes, I did see that on pinterest.
We’re taking a drink break now, but will be working on some more today and tomorrow. Hoping to add after pics tomorrow!





Day 19: highlights and a few laughs

Had a lazy day full of thunderstorms and Daisy no more than two inches away from me. We’ll add storm-phobia to the growing list of daisy-isms.
In a desperate attempt to actually accomplish something, I decided to highlight my hair with my Loreal highlighting kit. Katie helped me crochet hook my hair (and a small amount of brain matter) in the coloring cap. I thought we’d be done before Jake and Jeff got home from work, but alas, I was mistaken. Jake loves seeing me with hair covered in goo and a small trash bag! So everyone enjoyed a good laugh at my expense! You have to have a sense of humor to live in my house.
I’ve had lots of encouragement to continue my c25k so I’ll be circling the cemetery tomorrow morning ( with sweaty HIGHLIGHTED hair) if anyone else wants to join me or laugh a little.


Sideways view – how can I change an instagram picture’s orientation?

Day 18: healthy summer


BBQ by the bubble gum machine with Marsha.

I started out today with my couch to 5K run (which is quickly morphing into more walking).  I don’t think I like running…I’m not giving up, but I’m definitely not reveling in the freedom of the run. The wind does not ripple through my hair as I run since it is drenched in sweat and there is not a breeze to be found.  Again, I am not giving up, but I’m pretty close. So after a running intermittently (and the lady’s voice on C25K is getting on my nerves by the way), I just kept going and walked for over an hour (that’s gotta be good, right?). Running is not conducive to taking pictures and enjoyed taking a few pictures of some of our beautiful trees.

After the walk, I got to go to the Moncks Corner farmers market with my friend Marsha who is really one of my favorite people.  She is probably one of my oldest friends (though we’re both amazingly young). It’s nice to have friends who you can just pick up where you left off even if you haven’t been wonderful at keeping in touch. I’m fortunate to have a handful of friends like that!

We got to buy plants from a super knowledgeable plant man, watermelon, corn (12 ears for $3-yippee), and our protein – boiled peanuts. Of course when I’m in Moncks Corner, I love to check in with my brother and his family. Joe was at the farmers market and gave Marsha her box of veggies as one of the founding members of the Wabi Sabi CSA. At the farm, I got to pick some tomatoes, sample their cantaloupes and blackberries and touch base with my neice about our ongoing Pinterest projects.

A great day with a dear friend with yummy vegetables, plants and fruits to show for it. I’m definitely living the dream.


I’ve figured out why my hydrangeas pale in comparison. I need a 200-year-old oak tree. Those aren’t easy to come by.


I love taking pictures of trees looking from the underside. So pretty.

Day 15: Sailing!


Scott & Jeff, our intrepid sailors.


Yes, I’m driving… with lots of sails up.


Shrimp boats is a comin’! Sing it with me.


Scott & Jennifer, our sailing, movie, cruising, home remodeling, do anything for us friends.

Sailed today with great friends! We saw the trifecta of cool animals: dolphins (perennial favorite), sea turtle and a leopard ray. We saw dolphins everywhere we went and took 500 photographs of ripples on the water where dolphins were a millisecond before. The coolest thing we saw though was a leopard ray that swim/flew into the side of the boat while we were anchored up. It was about four feet across, flapping its wings against the boat. Very cool. Also 3 seconds of a sea turtle. I’ve seen them before, and every time, as soon as I realize what t is, it will go back under before I get to really take it in. So if you ever see an orangish, yellow-greenish basketball sized sphere floating in the water, think, “turtle,” instead of, “how’d that mossy basketball get way out here in the ocean?”
Along with the trifecta of critters, we had all three sails up and I didn’t even hyperventilate. Yippee…maybe 2013 is my year to embrace sailing without pharmaceuticals (also didn’t have)! Jeff is so kind, ready to take down the sails when he sees my face go pale, but other than a few uneasy breaths, I enjoyed the sailing part so much. It is blissfully quiet and the dolphins become even more curious when they can’t hear a motor running. You can hear everything: marsh hens, dolphins, even sea turtles popping their heads out of the water.

Inspired by our sailing trip, I posted some sailing children’s books on my librarian blog: http://misslibeary.wordpress.com/
So much fun!

dolphin DSCF5530 DSCF5528 DSCF5551

Day 13: don’t buy a red sofa

I spent a good part of my day today rearranging furniture in my living/dining room. I come from a long line of furniture movers. Coming home from school to find my mom manhandling dad’s ever-present recliner was a familiar (and unwelcome) sight. At best, I could get away with just commenting positively. At worst, I would help move stuff and that could lead to more rooms, porches, etc as pieces of furniture migrated to and from other spots.
I now have friends who are truly gifted at interior design. They create a room and the sofa always stays in the same spot, and looks fantastic there. they make changes but the result is always amazing, never regrettable. Their furniture fits perfectly, not to antique-y, not to ikea-y, but the perfect mixture of old and new that fits their families.
I keep striving for that — that ethereal quality of looks great but not like you’ve “decorated.” I haven’t quite hit it, but in my quest, I bought a red sectional sofa a few years ago. It is a huge red monolith and red is really not a neutral. When you walk into the room, you think, RED SOFA.
I hope to replace it soon, but since we’ve added a new Great Dane to the family, I really don’t want to buy a very expensive hair-catcher/chew toy. Maybe a sofa the exact color of the dog would be a good idea. A friend of mine matched her hall paint color to the color of the dirty fingerprints on the walls. Genius! Her cocoa hall always looks great and is never fingerprinted.
For now, I’ll have to settle for a new arrangement of Big Red. When that lottery thing comes through, I’m definitely taking Daisy to the furniture store to find a perfect gray sofa.


Day 11: Get to it!

Today I realized that bike riding and bird watching might not be the most exciting reading…also, I’m thinking I need to step up the adventure quotient of my summer activities so I can look back on my summer with fond memories and NO regrets. The regret minimization life philosophy. I embrace it.
So look for upcoming fun like:
* more picture book submissions — one completed today, and my goal is to submit 10 more this summer. The more frogs I kiss, the sooner I’ll find my prince. And then I can start raking in the pennies! You can see my picture books and more at EKL Writes!
* adult sailing Sunday. I think I can… I think I can. And I’ll pick up some adult beverages for some liquid bravery! I truly enjoy sailing right until the boat gets past 14.2 degrees. Then the hyperventilating begins, so I’ll plan for my anxiety and push through it!
I can’t end my post today without a gratuitous scenic shot of the most beautiful bank of hydrangeas in the whole world. I shared this with my friend Kristin today during my 20-minute scenic golf art tour of the village. Enjoy!


Day 10: Exotic Animals in the Village

I was riding my bike today in my ongoing quest to become the skinny me.  So I’m riding by one house where I hear the familiar call of their pet macaw that is usually in an outside cage or perched on the nearby ladder that I’ve also seen her on. I’m sure she loves being outside and seeing what’s happening and after hearing her screamy, temper-trantrumy call, I’m sure everyone at her house prefers for her to be outside.
I didn’t see her on the way by, but on my return, I noticed a car leaving the macaw’s driveway and she was screaming like someone had stolen her cornflakes (I think they actually eat fruit, but you get the picture). I still couldn’t see her — and I was looking hard too. I had an unfortunate incident in a pet store once when a parrot landed on my head which involves a lot of scratching and wings flapping in your face. Not something I want to relive and screachy sounds were making me a bit nervous. macaw2

I finally spotted her in a large oak tree across the street from her house about 40 feet up. I tried to get a picture of her after I took some deep breaths and realized I’d at least see her coming if she decided to attack my head. I never got a good shot, so here’s a picture from National Geographic’s website (great site for kids also – highly recommend).

Anywho, I survived my encounter with screachy bird. I hope she’s made it back to her perch, or that she’s enjoying her higher purchase. I did notice squirrels were scattering to get away from her, so I wasn’t the only nervous creature on the street.

I just love riding my bike around the village. You never know what you’ll see (or hear).


Day 9: Happy Father’s Day

We enjoyed a laid back day on the sailboat at the dock. We grilled hot dogs on the boat grill, the inaugural grilling! I am so blessed to have not only a fantastic husband and father for my children, but also a wonderful father of my own. Funny how that works; those of us blessed with great dads often find equally great husbands. Maybe our expectations are greater, or maybe we are just lucky. I don’t know which, but I am certainly happy in my life and humbled by my blessings. As my dad often tells my mom, we are lucky women!

Day 8: Daisy Does TV

Last summer, I spent a lot of my blog time talking about our fantastic great dane Buck who was dying. He passed away right after school started. It was sad, sad, sad….but he was a good dog who had a lot of fun during his life. We missed him like crazy and after Christmas decided to adopt another dane. We found a great dane rescue organization in Bonneau of all places (thanks to my dog whisperer cousin Lisa) and welcomed Daisy to our home. Daisy is a blue dane and very different from Buck and has been a fun pillow-eating, heavy-footed addition to our home. photo (18)

photo (17)

Daisy watched We Bought a Zoo tonight (great family movie)

Many people, chiefly my parents, couldn’t understand why we’d welcome another pony-dog into our home, but I enjoyed the security aspect of having a giant dog. She is energetic and a little more protective than Buck was, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Buck once hid under bushes and literally whimpered when a tow-truck driver came to pick up my car for servicing. Now a big diesel truck can be loud and scary, but I would have liked Buck to be a little more ferocious when scary tow-truck guy was chatting with me and I got to notice his prison finger tattoos (including a lovely neck spider).  That would have been okay too if Buck hadn’t gotten all growly and ferocious when any woman over 70 knocked on the door — I don’t know what gang of dog-beating old ladies caused his reaction, but apparently they left an impression. So Daisy has been fine with all takers and is gloriously crate-trained, so we let her hang out in her safe place if strangers are around and everybody is happy.

The most fascinating of Daisy’s idiosyncrasies is that she watches television and becomes very excited when she sees animals on the television. Not only will she pace in front of the television, but she has also jumped up and placed her paws on the TV. This is my first encounter with a TV-watching dog, so I looked up on the google and found this article. So, apparently this is not that uncommon for dogs because of the higher quality of modern televisions. So we have a new generation of screen-pets to go with our screen-kids; but that’s another issue! So far, we haven’t lost the screen but we NEVER leave the TV on if Daisy is in the room alone. I am scared to think about what would happen if she had some unsupervised animal planet time.

Day 7: Woot Woot!

Great Friday starting with my couch to 5k run/walk/near cardiac arrest. Today was the first day run time was increased to 5 minutes, and it was a LONG five minutes. When I started though the 1:30 was long, so am hopeful that by the end of June I can run for more than 5 minutes even! Dare to dream.

I am fortunate to have a beautiful waterfront cemetery where I can run without any onlookers, so most of the pictures came from our lovely cemetery. Jake was in kindergarten right next to the cemetery at then Archibald Rutledge Academy, now CREECS.  His fantastic kindergarten teacher Ms. Kelly took the class there and they did grave rubbings. I’ve always loved the rubbing Jake did, and the idea of Jake being a respectful kindergartener, being careful not to get any purple crayon on the headstone, finding art all around him. Note to self and any other parent: always keep some black construction paper and crayon-gold or silver is great when you go to zoos, etc., because there are opportunities to do these rubbings in lots of places. I don’t think I can get Jake and Katie to do any now, but I don’t mind a bit making my own souvenir the next time I go to a zoo.

Today is my niece Jenna’s birthday, so we’re off to Jimmy’s farm for some hot dogs and birthday cake. So glad to have my nieces and nephews close by and looking forward to spending time with them over the summer.

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