71 Days

What I did during my summer vacation…

Day 8: Daisy Does TV

Last summer, I spent a lot of my blog time talking about our fantastic great dane Buck who was dying. He passed away right after school started. It was sad, sad, sad….but he was a good dog who had a lot of fun during his life. We missed him like crazy and after Christmas decided to adopt another dane. We found a great dane rescue organization in Bonneau of all places (thanks to my dog whisperer cousin Lisa) and welcomed Daisy to our home. Daisy is a blue dane and very different from Buck and has been a fun pillow-eating, heavy-footed addition to our home. photo (18)

photo (17)

Daisy watched We Bought a Zoo tonight (great family movie)

Many people, chiefly my parents, couldn’t understand why we’d welcome another pony-dog into our home, but I enjoyed the security aspect of having a giant dog. She is energetic and a little more protective than Buck was, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Buck once hid under bushes and literally whimpered when a tow-truck driver came to pick up my car for servicing. Now a big diesel truck can be loud and scary, but I would have liked Buck to be a little more ferocious when scary tow-truck guy was chatting with me and I got to notice his prison finger tattoos (including a lovely neck spider).  That would have been okay too if Buck hadn’t gotten all growly and ferocious when any woman over 70 knocked on the door — I don’t know what gang of dog-beating old ladies caused his reaction, but apparently they left an impression. So Daisy has been fine with all takers and is gloriously crate-trained, so we let her hang out in her safe place if strangers are around and everybody is happy.

The most fascinating of Daisy’s idiosyncrasies is that she watches television and becomes very excited when she sees animals on the television. Not only will she pace in front of the television, but she has also jumped up and placed her paws on the TV. This is my first encounter with a TV-watching dog, so I looked up on the google and found this article. So, apparently this is not that uncommon for dogs because of the higher quality of modern televisions. So we have a new generation of screen-pets to go with our screen-kids; but that’s another issue! So far, we haven’t lost the screen but we NEVER leave the TV on if Daisy is in the room alone. I am scared to think about what would happen if she had some unsupervised animal planet time.


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