71 Days

What I did during my summer vacation…

Day 13: don’t buy a red sofa

I spent a good part of my day today rearranging furniture in my living/dining room. I come from a long line of furniture movers. Coming home from school to find my mom manhandling dad’s ever-present recliner was a familiar (and unwelcome) sight. At best, I could get away with just commenting positively. At worst, I would help move stuff and that could lead to more rooms, porches, etc as pieces of furniture migrated to and from other spots.
I now have friends who are truly gifted at interior design. They create a room and the sofa always stays in the same spot, and looks fantastic there. they make changes but the result is always amazing, never regrettable. Their furniture fits perfectly, not to antique-y, not to ikea-y, but the perfect mixture of old and new that fits their families.
I keep striving for that — that ethereal quality of looks great but not like you’ve “decorated.” I haven’t quite hit it, but in my quest, I bought a red sectional sofa a few years ago. It is a huge red monolith and red is really not a neutral. When you walk into the room, you think, RED SOFA.
I hope to replace it soon, but since we’ve added a new Great Dane to the family, I really don’t want to buy a very expensive hair-catcher/chew toy. Maybe a sofa the exact color of the dog would be a good idea. A friend of mine matched her hall paint color to the color of the dirty fingerprints on the walls. Genius! Her cocoa hall always looks great and is never fingerprinted.
For now, I’ll have to settle for a new arrangement of Big Red. When that lottery thing comes through, I’m definitely taking Daisy to the furniture store to find a perfect gray sofa.



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3 thoughts on “Day 13: don’t buy a red sofa

  1. Red can be awesome…of course, I have a red chair, not a sofa. Tone it down a bit with some throw pillows.


  2. tock42 on said:

    Why don’t we dye the dog to match the sofa color. Then you can get any color sofa you want.


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