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Travel Tips for Spirit to Philadelphia

The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.

Saint Augustine

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As a totally inexperienced traveler, but one that is working on being vastly experienced, I’ve outlined — tips for traveling to Philadelphia, although some apply everywhere.
1. Número Uno – if you’re traveling on Spirit or any airline that charges for carry on, I highly recommend the purse only packing method. Make your own clothing tootsie rolls, rubber band them and put in bottom of your largest purse and you are golden and at least $50 ahead of the game.
2. Double decker bus tours are the bomb. Really, suck it up and embrace the tourist vibe. Break out the fanny pack (sarcasm alert – just say no to fanny packs). Sunburn alert though – no shade on top of a bus so bring your hat and sunscreen. The guides I had in Philadelphia were funny and knowledgeable full of local-only tips.
3. Go Solo! I embraced the lunch counter on my own during this trip, and got to talk with lots of interesting folks. Although I missed the wonderful man I married, I felt like I got more in touch with local info., perspective than I have on other trips.
4. Visit Your Career Counterparts: I am part of the best profession, so a visit to the historic Philly Free Library and chatting with the children’s librarian was illuminating. Who knew they have a huge collection of N.C. Wyeth art in the children’s room?



Day 40 – Heading Home

A fun trip and my history quotient has definitely increased. Thankful for a husband who always says, “Go!” Yay Jeff. Now it’s time to board my early flight.

Day 38: Big Bus Tour of Philly

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Lots of fun today on my solo walkabout in Philadelphia.
Karen did get to join me for part of the fun (Liberty Bell and meals) and it was lots of fun.

Day 37.5: First Philly Cheese Steak

a view of the ceilings from one of our train stops. Loved the motion of the train on the tracks. Got to see some urban graffiti – so exciting!

We had a fun, affordable ($8) train ride from the airport to the beautiful hotel. We were all starving but instead of going to a chain, we went to the Field House at Reading Terminal Market. We decided to begin our philly cheese steak pilgrimage and Karen and I ordered our phillies. I rated the huge, stuffed sub with 2 stars out of 10; Karen gave it a 0. Not our best meal and there were some comparisons to Alpo. Not a shining culinary moment, but we shall not give up. We will persevere, we are ‘Mericans and we are committed to the ideals of life, liberty and the pursuit of Philly cheese steaks in Philadelphia.
We are planning to go here (pic below) as it was recommended by a local AND the state of Pennsylvania!


Day 37: Four Days in Philly…packed in a purse

While I wait on my boarding for a fun trip to Philadelphia with my sister-in-law Karen, I wanted to share my stupendous packing adventure. Pictured below you’ll see how I packed two pairs of pants, four tops, undies, extra shoes, makeup, iPad, glasses (two pairs) plus some stunning accessories if I do say so myself. All of this I packed in my $7 good will Sac purse that I have loved despite mom’s recurring question, “Why do you have such a big purse?” Because mom, it was seven bucks, but now, even better, I am saving $50 in carry on bag fees with my wonderful feed sack purse! Using Pinterest power, I searched for packing tips, finding a way to roll all and rubber band. Bonus: if things have to be searched, I can just dump out my clothing tootsie rolls. I also used ziploc bags for the small stuff, put my coconut oil moisturizer in an old lip gloss pot and my favorite-sunglasses in a bottle koosie. May need to drink a Pepsi at the airport! Since I started writing this, we’ve taken off. I’m seated over the wing where I am happy to report, there is no twilight zoned weirdo – much to my relief. On to Philly with an extra 50 bucks in my pocket!

Day 35: Sister Work Fun

“Help one another, is part of the religion of sisterhood.”
~Louisa May Alcott

I’ve shared this with a few folks, but as I can share more here, let me tell you about our Livingston Sisters Help club (as I recently – as in right now – named our little band of worker bees). I could say it all started when I read an article about time banks where you help members with your particular skills and get help with all of the lovely work of home/boat/car/camper owners. An hour in, an hour out – a lovely brand of voluntary socialism (the only way socialism really works is voluntarily by the way-small political rant).
I was intrigued by this not-so-new idea and it reminded me of my childhood with weekends spent building a porch for my Grandma Hudson. All of the Livingston and Poole clans built a porch to house Grandma’s huge collection of plants when she moved from Florida to live near our family in Moncks Corner. I was a kid so I’m pretty sure my contribution was minimal at best, but I do remember the feeling of all of us working together because the work had to be done.
Reviving the spirit of family work days, I suggested my sister Karen, sister-in-law Johnna, mom Kathy and I do monthly work days. So far, we’ve painted my porch ceiling, helped out at the Strawberry Jam at Johnna’s farm and are planning our next project at Karen’s house. Not only are we, “gettin’ stuff done,” we’re also getting some hang out time. Catching up on the minutiae of our lives is important even though we never seem to be able to slow ourselves down enough for a purposeless visit with the people we love the most .
So even if we don’t continue to get lots done, I am looking forward to our next work day. Karen, let’s get it on the calendar and paint that porch. So far so good, and I highly recommend a time bank, festival of family work ethic or Sisters’ Help Club for everyone.

Quote from: http://www.quotegarden.com/sisters.html


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