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Road Trip to Edisto

My book club and wonderful friends of many years.

My book club and wonderful friends of many years.

I am rich in friends, many of whom are members of my very special book club. For many years, we have met the second Thursday of the month while our favorite book club husband (he makes great brownies) embarks on his noble, unselfish volunteer work. We protect that Thursday night ritual and have planned surgeries, vacations and house guests to keep our night  for book club. We are a varied and pretty freaking fantastic group with some members in our thirties on up to the se..se..sev…seventies. I will confess here that I am almost 78 and am the only member in my 70s and have thrived under the care of a talented South-American plastic surgeon..but I digress.

Today, we enjoyed a short, but fun road trip to Edisto, enjoyed a great lunch at J. Peters Grill and Bar (yummy California Dreaming-ish salads), a little shopping at a beautiful store full of handcrafted arts and crafts (oyster shell art emporium) and of course a quick walk and photo on the beach.

A great day of friends, good conversation and lovely views. Summer is a wonderful thing.

Driving through the lovely tree-lined road at Botany Bay in Edisto.

Driving through the lovely tree-lined road at Botany Bay in Edisto.

A.M.E. Church at Botany Bay in Edisto with a beautiful view of the marsh.

A.M.E. Church at Botany Bay in Edisto with a beautiful view of the marsh.


Take Me to Jeremy Creek….


Graphic created in canva app – highly recommend and it’s free.

Today we took out our freshly scrubbed 18-foot Key West which has been not quite working but almost there since we bought it last spring. It still isn’t quite there but we got to get in the water, do a little paddle boarding (Katie did knock me off even if she says she didn’t.) We had a picnic (boiled peanuts and boiled shrimp) on the sailboat and finished up with a return trip to Mr. Fred’s house to drop off the boat for more repairs. 

I love an unplanned adventure–even in idle, especially when you get to see our favorite dolphin on the trip. 

My Child Is Grown?

Today is my oldest child’s 21st birthday and I am incredulous; how did I become a mother of a grown-ass man? I feel like I’m a happy maybe 35-year-old woman, but even in the South, that’s an improbable age gap. 

I woke up this morning and asked Jeff if he remembered watching the O.J. Simpson chase while I was laboring. You may remember the white bronco chase through Los Angeles. Jeff wasn’t sure so of course the librarian googled the heck out of it. The chase was June 17 and Jake was born 2 weeks later. When I told my dear husband I distinctly remember laying on the bed, having contractions while watching this breaking news, he said, “maybe you were having those Briggs and Stratton.” Oh yes, the wonderful Briggs and Stratton! 

Jake, Minnie and I at our boat, the White Wing. Although it looks like we’re announcing our race.



But since those Briggs and Stratton contractions and the O.J. chase we’ve had a wonderful 21 years. Jake is funny, hardworking and smart and has chosen his own path, and I love that bout him. I can’t wait to see where he’ll be or what he’ll be doing in 10 years. I am confident he’ll be living a thoughtful life doing what he has chosen for himself and that is the best kind of life I can hope for him.

The hopes and worries continue, and on day 1 of his legal ability to embibe, I will continue to worry, hope and pray. As I am sure I will continue until his 71st birthday just like in my favorite Robert Munsch book. I especially love the old lady climbing through her 40-year-old sons window under cover of darkness so she can hold him and tell him (get the Kleenex folks):

I’ll love for forever. I’ll like you for always. As long as I’m living, my baby you’ll be.

Happy birthday to my Jake. As long as I’m living my baby you’ll be.

Summer 2015 begins on Jeremy Creek

Actually, we’ve been out of school for most of June, but my official summer fun blogging began today. So continuing my theme in much of my life, Better Late Than Never, I am kicking off summer 3 weeks past when everyone else did.  Summer, 2015, marks year four of the 71 Days blog (being followed by tens of people or maybe cats, but smart cats anyway). 

Since one of my favorite things to do is kayak, I thought that would be a great beginning, and got to kayak up Jeremy Creek out to the waterway with some great teacher friends of mine. As the self-appointed (and mightily underpaid) tour guide and cheerleader for McClellanville, I do enjoy sharing the best of our village with people from, “off.” There are many inconveniences living 20 miles fom a bank, grocery store and movie theatre, but a few hours on the creek remind me that I shouldn’t center my life around buying orange juice and making bank deposits. Being a short bike ride away from dolphins, great seafood and a staggering amount of natural beauty is worth the trade-off.

Except for possibly the sunburn. There is a reason we’ve never heard of the Irish Kayaking Team. If there was one, they wouldn’t last through 2 hours of SC sun as I am often reminded whenever I spend more than 8 minutes outside. I encrusted myself in 40 sunscreen today twice and still am a crispy critter. I will be scouring the internet for better sunscreen alternatives for my next trip out.  



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