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Day 12ish? – 24 hour vacation

I may have discovered a wonderful thing – the one day vacation.

I am at the Marriott Hotel down the street from Joe Riley Stadium where Jeff and I just watched the Riverdogs lose to the Greenville somethings. Game results are secondary to eating corn dogs and watching a great fireworks show.

I planned our little getaway this week and we don’t usually spend money and time running away from home but I really wanted to take a break and get away a little. I also didn’t have the time and money to take a “real” vacation. So we’ll be back home tomorrow afternoon.

We have plans to eat at The Workshop on King Street, a new food court restaurant experience I’ve heard about.

We saw fireworks and drank 24 oz. beers tonight. So far, so good. Think the 24-hour vacation may be a recurring event this summer and I’m liking it.


Day 8: On Learning Something New…

Or actually, learning a LOT of new stuff. I am working with my husband and parents this summer, learning more about running our family seafood business. Although my father thinks somehow I know all about the seafood business through some sort of genetic osmosis (I don’t think that works in humans), I actually know slightly more than the average Ohio-an, and less than virtually every human being that now works at our dock.

I am the dumbest person in the room – and the feeling makes my skin crawl. But today, on my fifth day of working at the dock, I started to feel like I might be able to learn a new trick or maybe 12 new tricks. There is a small silver lining around my ignorance cloud and I’m maybe getting the hang of it. I only asked my husband 17 questions instead of 38, so there is improvement. I answered questions people asked me on the phone without saying, “Let me check with Jeff.” Now I might have been wrong, but that’s a chance I’m willing to take, and I’m more confident in my answers, be they wrong or right!

As a school librarian, I’m kind of big on learning, growing…”grow or die,” as one of my librarian professors affirmed repeatedly. And I am not all that patient with folks who drag their feet on learning something new, but I maybe can empathize with them a little more. Learning means admitting your ignorance, which is not that comfortable for me and I’m sure many more.┬áSo here’s to learning new things. Grow or Die! I think I’ve decided to grow.

Day 3 of Summer Vacation

After the 2nd year of working in the best elementary school in Charleston County, I am looking forward to a fun, relaxing and busy summer vacation.  I feel compelled to share my extreme and complete thankfulness to so many people: 

First, my students. I may whine during the school year, but during 5th grade graduation, as I looked out on those adorable, eager faces, I was a little teary (I know – shocking) as I gave out library awards and for every award given, I saw 10 more deserving, kind, wonderful students that I wish I had a trophy, certificate and gold star for. I am not a fan of awards,  mostly because libraries are for everyone forever. That’s it. In sum- everyone can benefit from being super library users for the rest of their lives. God, I like be my job! Seriously… the best! 

I remember often a former student who told me a book I recommended is the ONLY book he ever finished. On one hand, I can’t imagine the empty pit in my life that is now full of great books I’ve read, and I’m sad he doesn’t have the long list I do. On the other, guess what? He liked a book! He finished a book! He still remembers ten  years later the title of a book he liked. This victory may be small, but it is still important, and measured one kiddo, one book, one smile st a time!

So happy day, huzzah…. onward and upward.

Second, my super-fantastic library volunteers. I have 3 grandmas who visit me weekly or more often, shelve books, straighten shelves, and sometimes even dust. They are wonderful, and I don’t know how I could teach, have great programs or do anything well without their help. They are my helpers, emissaries and captains of the library cheerleading team. I am fortunate beyond measure thanks to Diane, Susan and Shelly! Oh, and they’re also fun, kind, nice women who I really like hanging out with!

And last, but not least, my wonderful family. My husband Jeff and kiddos Jake and Katie, have spent a lot of time helping me move furniture and books, been, “sources,” for research projects and sometimes warm bodies during lessons and story times. They are tuned into a librarian-focused life which sometimes has a laser focus on any Very Hungry Caterpillarish anything, Maurice Sendak and all his glory and of course our friend HP and Lemony Snicket. Grateful for their support and general niceness.

As I thank these great folks that are so important to my library life, I have turned my focus away from my library for a few months. I am working with my husband and parents to buy my parents’ business where Jeff has worked for 20 years. I am learning how to do invoices and print tags for oysters and clams. I am trying to make peace with being the dumbest person in the room, as I have way less experience and knowledge than EVERYONE else at the dock. It is an uncomfortable position to be in for me. But I’m working on it. Jeff is great and patient and my parents are working hard to make this transition as painless as possible.

It seems there is a recurring theme in my life – I am surrounded by kindness and am so very grateful for it. Day 3 of summer vacation just makes me ever more thankful for my two work families – my school and business. Life is good!

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