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Day 37: Four Days in Philly…packed in a purse

While I wait on my boarding for a fun trip to Philadelphia with my sister-in-law Karen, I wanted to share my stupendous packing adventure. Pictured below you’ll see how I packed two pairs of pants, four tops, undies, extra shoes, makeup, iPad, glasses (two pairs) plus some stunning accessories if I do say so myself. All of this I packed in my $7 good will Sac purse that I have loved despite mom’s recurring question, “Why do you have such a big purse?” Because mom, it was seven bucks, but now, even better, I am saving $50 in carry on bag fees with my wonderful feed sack purse! Using Pinterest power, I searched for packing tips, finding a way to roll all and rubber band. Bonus: if things have to be searched, I can just dump out my clothing tootsie rolls. I also used ziploc bags for the small stuff, put my coconut oil moisturizer in an old lip gloss pot and my favorite-sunglasses in a bottle koosie. May need to drink a Pepsi at the airport! Since I started writing this, we’ve taken off. I’m seated over the wing where I am happy to report, there is no twilight zoned weirdo – much to my relief. On to Philly with an extra 50 bucks in my pocket!


Day 3: tiki torches and other pinteresty discoveries

Today was packed with fun including visiting my sister and her family, grocery shopping, biking and making tiki torches and self-tanner. The grocery shopping is a necessary evil that I avoid until we’re left with only food that requires more than 10 minutes and/or two appliances to prepare. That’s when my kids say, “there’s nothing to eat,” but the pantry is literally overflowing. So it’s time to shop–No green peanuts for boiling – sad face.
I also visited my sister Karen who celebrated her 40th birthday this weekend. What a liberating thing it is to turn 40, seriously my best years. When I first returned to being more Kim than someone’s mom, wife, daughter, sister. I love being all of those things, and on many days I am mom all day, or wife all day, but unlike when the kids were so young and needy.
So now I have time to do things like make my own self-tanner (Pinterest idea number 47 I’m guessing.) I mixed cocoa powder with my moisturizer and rubbed on my legs. Not bad, looking a little more orange white than blue white, so moving towards a tan, or as much of a tan my freckled Irish skin will allow. And I smell deliciously chocolate!
Tiki torches (Pinterest idea #48) were easy to make with empty wine bottles, tiki torch wicks ($2.25 for 2 at Target), 3/8 washers and tiki fuel. As I started making these I realized they look a lot like molatof cocktails, so I did decide to light outside just in case they blew up. Jeff pointed out my penchant for flame (I have an unhealthy interest in flare guns — watch the movie Dead Calm and you will too.) I digress–so torches made from several different size, color and shaped wine bottles. They look great on the porch and provide lots of light! Yippee– now do you think I can find flare gun plans on Pinterest. Macgyver’s board maybe!


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