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Day 10: I’ve Been Googled….

20140617-191943.jpg Spoiler alert: I may be slightly jaded so please read with less judgment than I have shown. Pretty please.
Today I attended Googlefest 2014 at Trident Technical College. Billed as an opportunity for teachers to hone their google skills and learn what else we can do with google drive and other google features, I signed up. After all I am my school’s Google Guide (in the kingdom of the blind, the one-eyed woman rules) and there was a free lunch.
My observations:
1. Google Glass is way cool and I’m sure my kids will benefit from this technology – $1500ish and not available now, but remember when no one had a smartphone and that concept was way too new/expensive/edgy for most of us. If you don’t feel the need to investigate further (http://www.google.com/glass/start/) picture Jordy’s (Lavar Burton) visor with no vision enhancement but lots of super cool smartphone-ish capabilities. One caveat though: Glass will not transform you to a skydiving, hot air ballooning ballet dancer – in other words, if you don’t see or do something interesting, you won’t get to video/photograph/share anything interesting.
2. Another cool google tool is google earth’s tour guide feature – intrigued and will investigate further.
3. Google wants to make you cry. Now I came to this rather bizarre conclusion after watching various speakers today, who showed videos (think old phone company crying commercials) showing adorable baby pictures and inspiring 20 something’s overcoming disabilities through use of google technologies. So there were many shiny eyes in the house. I’ve been puzzling over why this is? Can’t we just use google’s various, useful tools without converting to googleterian as the new religion of the day? I hesitate to say Google wanted us all to be overcome with emotion and love of babies and confuse that with our love of google… But maybe I’m a little jaded.
So to wrap up:
*Glass is cool; we’ll see more in future – beam us up Jordy.
*Google earth still rocks and the tour guide feature holds lots of potential for teachers.
*Google is cool but has a strange compelsion (a la Barney Fife) to make teachers cry.

So I feel a little guilty as I drank a lot of free coffee and had a yummy (also free) boxed lunch. Google, please teach me a little more and pull on my heart strings a little less next year – I’ll be back if I’m invited again. I am a sucker for free coffee.
Yes, this is Mark Sanford. Remember I said I was a little jaded and I tuned him out after he said something about transparency with colleagues. Wow!



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